Fluid Movement Fitness

Helping people maintain and restore functional movement every day.

Fluid Movement Fitness

Helping people maintain and restore functional movement every day.

Fluid Movement Fitness

Helping people maintain and restore functional movement every day.

A blend of mind-body practices designed to maintain or restore functional movement.

Among the tools we use are:

  • Rolling with balls to release fascia – the connective tissues surrounding our muscles
  • Somatic practices to wake up muscles that have long been ignored and quiet the muscles that want to do everything
  • Oov (theoov.com) – a unique apparatus designed to support functional training. It is constructed to mimic the curves of the spine, to challenge stability and enable mobility, build strength and provide an opportunity to work on balance, all in 3-dimensions while having fun!

The intention of all our work is to keep the body moving so we can enjoy long, full, rewarding lives.

Space is Limited

Depend on Yourself: A Pelvic Floor Workshop

Due to the sensitive nature of our topic this workshop is for women only. Women of all ages, with concerns now or just wanting to avoid futures issues, will benefit. We have fun and try to make a sensitive topic comfortable for everyone.

Two classes available:
  • Thursday 10/6, 2022 from 1:00 to 2:30pm
  • Sunday 10/9, 2022 from 1:00 to 2:30pm
BODYBAR Pilates – 9747 E 21st St. N Suite 107, Wichita, KS
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Our Classes

We offer a variety of classes that are designed to maintain and restore functional movement. The underlying bonus of all the classes is reconnecting with your body. The mind-body connection is imperative for aging with grace.

Feeling Oov-y

We will start with getting comfortable on the Oov, doing some self-exploration, finding the sticky parts and developing stability.


We will use balls to roll out along the fascial lines, under the feet, the upper trapezius – the muscle along the top edge between neck and shoulder – and everywhere in between.

Treat Your Feet

Your balance will improve, your gait will be freer and your feet will thank you.

Private Classes

Not comfortable in a group class? We can setup a time for private sessions in my home studio or on a zoom call.

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About Me

Hi, I’m Pam Welch, a hyper-mobile, 20+ year yogi, self-proclaimed anatomy geek with ADD. I tell you that so you can understand how we got to Fluid Movement Fitness.

Early in my teacher training, Shiva Rea introduced us to rolling on tennis balls – she called it the Secret Ball Society. I was amazed at how rolling the bottom of our feet could increase the range in forward bending. Not long after, I was introduced to Thomas Myers Anatomy Trains. Once I saw his Superficial Back Line it all made sense. The study of fascia was fascinating, and I continue to study his work today. It is a big part of the FMF program.