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Hi, I’m Pam Welch

Hi, I’m Pam Welch, a hyper-mobile, 20+ year yogi, self-proclaimed anatomy geek with ADD. I tell you that so you can understand how we got to Fluid Movement Fitness.

Early in my teacher training, Shiva Rea introduced us to rolling on tennis balls – she called it the Secret Ball Society. I was amazed at how rolling the bottom of our feet could increase the range in forward bending. Not long after, I was introduced to Thomas Myers Anatomy Trains. Once I saw his Superficial Back Line it all made sense. The study of fascia was fascinating, and I continue to study his work today. It is a big part of the FMF program.

About 5 years into my yoga practice, I suffered some injuries due to my extreme flexibility. I discovered Pilates on a reformer to help me heal. The resistance training was just what I needed to build more stability in my body. I kept Pilates as a part of my practice in addition to Barre work, more strength and stability. The strength components of these practices are built into the FMF Oov classes. 

Along the way Jill Miller’s work with her Therapy Balls became part of my practice. Her work expanded on Shiva’s tennis ball work, and she added the use of larger, softer balls that could be used on the belly and diaphragm. Recently Jill has teamed up with Thomas and their work together is life changing. How can rolling your right ribcage release your left knee?? Check out the Fascia-nation class for answers.

My curiosity, my quest for pain relief and better function took me to several other disciplines through the years including Hanna Somatics and Feldenkrais methodology. Both mind-body practices use small, gentle movements to re-educate muscles and movement patterns to help reduce chronic pain. Some of these moves are incorporated in the Oov classes and definitely in privates.

In 2018 the YMCA provided training with the Functional Aging Institute. This training changed my outlook on balance. As a yogi I had done lots of balance poses but I realized there was more to balance than standing on one leg. We need to recover quickly when our balance is challenged, we need to move our heads and close our eyes. This new outlook on balance is part of our FMF classes.

And then there is the Oov – my soulmate for fitness. It’s been a love affair since the first moment I laid down. It has helped me find and work on the imbalances in my body like nothing else. Every night before bed I spend time on it, the aches that accumulate during the day melt away. It has improved my core stability, balance and strength. The best part is it’s fun! 

All that said I have not completely left my yoga roots. Sun Salutations are a moving meditation for me and will always remain part of my practice. The other components that will stay with me forever are the life lessons of yoga and a restorative practice. For that reason we will end Oov classes with a short relaxation.

In 2002 my restorative yoga teacher, Judith Hanson Lasater, inscribed her book “Relax and Renew” with these words:

“20 minutes a day of nothing is the best gift you can give yourself and the world.”

In the last 20 years there have been very few days I have not heeded this advice. I encourage everyone to add some intentional relaxation to their day. 

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Training and Certifications

Pam Welch Training and Certifications

2001 to 2003 – Yoga teacher training at The Institute of Interdisciplinary Yoga Studies. Completed requirements for a RYT-500 (Registered Yoga Teacher – 500 hour) through Yoga Alliance

2002 – Thomas Myers “Anatomy Trains:” a study of the myo-fascial system, the connective tissue of the body, and the important role it plays in our lives.

2003 – Relax and Renew® Training – Judith Lasater’s restorative yoga program

2003 – Yamuna Body Rolling: a method using balls to release fascia and muscle tightness

2006 – Pilates Training through the YMCA

2015 – Level 1 Barre training – International Ballet Barre Fitness Association

2015 – Jill Miller’s Yoga Tune-up: using balls for fascial release

2015 – Leslie Howard’s Pelvic Revolution 2 day Workshop

2016 – Hanna Somatics Level 1 Training
Hanna Somatics is a gentle, sensible, and safe approach to recover from chronic pain and have ease of movement throughout your life. Somatics is sensory-motor training that works for all kinds of stress, injury, and movement problems.

2017 – Oov Fundamentals Training – Denver, Co
The Oov creates a 3D environment, allowing the body to move in 3 Planes, facilitating motor learning. This helps build core strength, balance and overall body awareness.

2018 – Certified Functional Aging Specialist through the Functional Aging Institute

2019 – Oov Fundamentals Training – Overland Park, KS

2021 – Future Life Now – Unlock your Learning Body and Bones for Life
The Feldenkrais Method® of somatic education is a powerful and revolutionary approach to improving your life that uses gentle, mindful movement to bring new awareness and possibility into every aspect of your life.

2021 – Rolling Along the Anatomy Trains – 19-hour online course
Jill Miller/Thomas Myers program for fascial release using Yoga Tune-up balls

2022 – Gentle, Effective Somatic Practices with Martha Peterson – 7 Week online course

2022 – Rolling Along the Anatomy Trains – Live/Online weekend workshop