Fertility and Yoga

In the About section I mention that restorative yoga will always be a part of my life. It was during my training for the Relax and Renew® certification with Judith Lasater that I was introduced to the idea that restorative yoga could be used as an aid for fertility. This hit close to home, since I had come to believe that stress had been the issue in my own 3 year struggle.

For years I taught live classes using yoga to help couples overcome their fertility challenges. Busy schedules on everyone’s part made it difficult so in 2011 I took a break. In 2019 people convinced me to create the online course I had thought about for years. It took much longer than expected, hurdle after hurdle presented – not the least of which was COVID. By the time it went live I realized it no longer felt authentic. My life had moved into the “crone” stage – see Jean Shinoda Bolen’s book “Crones Don’t Whine” and I wanted to work with my peers.

My heart will always go out to any woman facing fertility challenges and for that reason I am offering a small piece of the course here, free of charge.

The “Welcome Home” mediation was mentioned most often when I asked my past students what they had found most helpful. Here’s what a couple of the women had to say: 

“One thing I remember about yoga is envisioning my womb as a warm and inviting place. I pictured it as a kitchen with warm cookies baking on a cold, snowy day. I think it was during my second month of fertility yoga, I finally got pregnant on my 8th IUI/injectable cycle.”

“I remember one session I saw a baby girls face as I laid there quietly envisioning me pregnant. Her hair was brown and curly and her face was so round. It was only a session or two after I saw that vision that I became pregnant.”

There is a short audio explaining the concepts behind the Welcome Home mediation as well as 2 – 20 minute meditations, 1 with and one without music. The fireplace video will help set the mood, watch it before you settle in.

Remember you are not alone. Check out resolve.org to find a wealth of information to help guide you on your journey. I wish for you courage and strength as you travel this difficult path.


In this video, we will go over all of the props you will need during our restorative practice session.

Coming Back videos

How you come out of the pose is also important. If you don’t have time to do a full 20 minutes, or want to listen to your own music, watch the “coming back” video for your pose of choice. Set your timer and settle in. When it’ time, allow yourself a few minutes to come back, don’t jump up. 

In her book “The Healing Path of Yoga” Nischala Joy Devi introduced me to one of my favorite quotes – a Spanish Proverb: 

“How beautiful it is to rest and do nothing afterward”


Instant Maui

Basic Savasana

Restorative Practice

As you prepare for either the full practice or just one of the poses it is important to commit to being here and now. Take your time and settle in, be sure you are totally comfortable in whatever pose you have chosen. Commit to radical relaxation, no interruptions or distractions.

The full practice runs 75 minutes and consists of 5 poses. If you only have 20 minutes you can fast forward to find the setup for the individual pose of your choice.

Queen – 13:59

Instant Maui – 39:30

Basic Savanna – 53:36 this will include the “Smile” guided relaxation which is designed to help you love body.